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Unqualified and Yet More than Adequate

A guest post by Kimberly Chase

If anyone was ever unqualified to homeschool their children it would be ME! I didn’t know how to be a mother (didn’t have one), I wasn’t particularly affectionate, and still wanted a mom myself! No college degree in teaching, not even a general studies or associates degree. Heck, I only made it through one year of college – a Bible college – where earned a stellar 1.9 GPA (I had an especially tough year…I was a solid B student in high school.)

On top of that I was battling severe marriage difficulties, chronic & severe depression, and we lived in poverty with one unreliable car (no co-ops or homeschool class options for us!) Oh, and one of my children was diagnosed with autism.

I was NOT qualified. I had no resources.

But God basically told us to homeschool anyway.

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Keys to Overcoming Fear

moms who know they are loved

Fear is such a powerful emotion!  It can keep us stuck.  It can cause us to lash out!  It can motivate us to micromanage and control other people.   Fear is often what keeps us from stepping out to experience the life we truly desire for ourselves and our families.

If you’re struggling with fear, I have good news.  You can overcome fear.

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Seven Super Suggestions for Summer Math

Guest Post by Maria Miller

Summer math…. what should you do and where should you turn for resources?

There are lots of choices, and the first one (we could title this number zero) is…

(0) Do nothing…. Perhaps your child doesn’t need to study math during the summer and it’s simply time to take a break and enjoy the summer!
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Pick Your Ducks

Recently I was bemoaning the fact that because I had been focusing my time and energy on my business, work and my children’s athletic pursuits, I haven’t focused enough energy on homeschooling. I confess that I haven’t checked quite a bit of their work and I haven’t been making sure they do their chores up to their capabilities. In short, things are falling through the cracks.

In my business I’ve been hard at work developing the group mentoring program, and encouraging the women who have signed up. As a result, I haven’t posted much on my blog.

So I decided to talk to my life coach about it.

She said, “Your ducks will never be all in a row. That keeps us relying on God.”Continue Reading