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How Changing your Focus can Change Everything

IMG_1454I want you to imagine you decided you wanted to take a photo of a beautiful rose.  You turn on your camera, find the rose that you want to photograph, but then you turn your camera in the direction of a pile of trash that is near the rose.  You carefully adjust the focus, and the camera settings so that the item in view is clearly in focus.  Then you snap, snap, and snap several photos.  But you’re a bit annoyed!  There’s nothing but a pile of trash in your photos.  The rose is no where in site!IMG_1444

So you attempt this process again.  Being even more careful, and diligent about your camera settings.  Being careful to keep the camera steady.  Checking the light and the camera angle.  But again… you turn your camera towards the pile of trash, focus in and snap shot, after shot after shot.

Again, no rose.

At this point, you’re convinced that your camera must be broken.

But is it?Continue Reading

A New Kind of “Spring Cleaning”–It can be Life Transforming

It’s almost the time of year for Spring Cleaning.  I live in Texas where there are still cool days, but they will soon be replaced by beautiful, warm spring days.  And for some reason, spring is the time when we all begin purging and cleaning.  I guess we all tend to accumulate more than we realize during the winter months, and with the beautiful spring days we want to be “lighter”.

Lightness, allows us the freedom to do what our heart really desires.  It allows for a new pep in our step.  The air seems fresher.  The sun seems brighter.  And we’re just able to move better.

After you ever considered doing some Spiritual Spring Cleaning?

Neither had I, until recently.

This is the kind of cleaning that is done in partnership with the Holy Spirit as you submit to the process.  It can rid your life of bitterness, shame over past sin, a constant feeling of guilt, the need to be perfect, the inability to feel valuable and loved, fear, addiction, and many other seemingly unrelated struggles.

It can leave you lighter, more joyful, and able to make greater progress towards the dreams that God has placed in your heart.

This is something that I’ve recently experienced and I want to share this with you because I know somebody, if not every single one of us needs to do this. I found myself needing forgive people for things I had forgotten about that still affect me. As I forgave one thing, I realized there was another thing, and another thing, and another. It was like some inner room of my heart was finally unlocked, and Jesus did some serious “spring cleaning”.

Here’s what I did:

1. Say,“I forgive _________(person or group), for making me feel _________________.(Go on to explain your hurt, your pain, and your feelings in as much detail as you can. Don’t hold anything back.” Honestly recognize whether this was something done maliciously or not. If it was something genuinely malicious, recognize that the other person is a weak, sinful human who is struggling with their own pain, and insecurity. As Jesus said, “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”

2. Say aloud, “I release___________(person or group) for _____________________(state the offense).  Jesus you took the punishment that they deserve.”

3. Say aloud, “I bless_______________________(person).” Then pray specific blessings over them. DO NOT SKIP THIS!

Do this aloud or on paper. You can do this alone or with a trusted friend, this is between you and God. As you get these thoughts out of your head, and onto paper or as you speak them aloud, you gain greater clarity. The Holy Spirit is able to shine the light of  truth over these circumstances. You’re able to mourn the pain, instead of “stuffing it”. If you write it down, tear up the paper and burn it. As you do this, complete steps 2 and 3. This is where you may experience a “release”, as supernatural healing takes place.

Personally, I experienced a physical release. I felt my muscles relax, and  greater sense of peace and joy.

I’m making this apart of my daily “soul cleaning” program. Forgiveness shouldn’t be something done every once and a while. This should be done every time there is any offense against us. Instead of grumbling,complaining, gossiping, or getting angry, acknowledge the offense, and CHOOSE TO FORGIVE right on the spot! The other person doesn’t need to know anything about it.  I also plan to use this process anytime an old memory triggers those old feelings of anger, helplessness, fear or any other associated feeling.

I’m praying that the Holy Spirit walks with you through this process giving you the desire and the ability to forgive, release and bless those who have hurt you.  Don’t forget to add in a dose of gratitude as well!

There is another part to this “Spring Cleaning”.  It’s experiencing forgiveness for yourself.  I’ll talk about that in another post.

How have you benefited from your Spiritual Spring Cleaning”?

Lessons I’ve Learned from my Students Part 2

Continuing with my previous post, I’d like to continue sharing lessons that I’ve learned from my students.

Focusing on the negative sucks the joy out of life

Let me just say that this is a BIG lesson for me.  I’ve been a pretty negative person most of my life.  I’m always finding the mistakes.  I have a hard time seeing the good I’ve actually accomplished, because of what I haven’t accomplished.  I believe this comes from this unrealistic expectation of perfection.  As a result, I’ve found myself being hyper critical of myself and others, and at times–joyless.  I’ve seen the negative affects that it has on the people around me.  My negativity tears down the very people that I want to build up.  Instead of speaking life into my husband and children, my negativity sucks the life out of them, leaving them deflated.  This should not be!Continue Reading