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A Day in Prison

I recently went to prison.

Did that get your attention?

I was among a team of people who spent a Saturday in the prisons in order to serve the inmates. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to be an instrument of God’s love and grace to the women there. I knew the prison would be filled with broken, battered, messy women who are in desperate need of God’s love. (Btw, we all are. Some of us just hide it better than others.) And I was right. The facility that we visited housed female substance abuse offenders.

These offenders are beautiful women created in the image of God.
Women created for a wonderful purpose.
Gifted women who have beautiful gifts to share with this world.Continue Reading

Thoughts about Grace and Gratitude

Recently, I went for a walk/jog and talked to God. We talked about grace. We talked about gratitude.

He told me how much He really wants us to be thankful. He really wants us to acknowledge His presence in our lives. He wants us to be aware of the many, many, many….MANY ways that he pours grace into our lives. Many of them we completely take for granted. We expect the grace of a beating heart, clean air to breathe, food when we’re hungry, rest when we’re tired, blue sky above our heads, wind blowing across our cheeks, pleasant weather, the little toes on our feet, sound in our ears, clear thinking, cute clothes to cover our bodies, the ability to work and produce income….

What effort on our part brought these blessings?Continue Reading

You are Known and Loved

Dearly Beloved,

You are loved by our Lord.  He delights in you.  He desires that you know him.  He wants to meet with you daily.  His ear attends to your every call.  Yes, He knows your fears and doubts.  He knows all of your shortcomings.  He can see even those sins that you can’t and yet… He loves you.

He says, “Yes! You are mine. Dearly Beloved, you are mine.  I love you just as you are.Continue Reading

Mary– She Chose to Believe

Every Christmas I always love reading through the Christmas story.  And every time I read the story, I’m always struck by Mary’s response to the miraculous  message she received from the angel Gabriel.  If you’re familiar with the story you know that one day when Mary was going about her daily routine, an angel appears out of nowhere telling her that she was highly favored.  She had no idea what that meant, and she was afraid.  The angel goes on to say that she would give birth to a son whom she would name Jesus.  This special child would be called a child of the Most High and He would rule on David’s throne forever.

Awesome sauce! (My new favorite phrase. )

Now imagine you’re a young woman (somewhere between 14-19), you’re engaged to be married, and minding your own business and an angel shows up with this “good news”.  You’re about to have the long awaited Messiah.  You are responsible for raising this special child who would fulfill the prophecies.  You.Continue Reading