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Lessons I’ve Learned from my Students Part 2

Continuing with my previous post, I’d like to continue sharing lessons that I’ve learned from my students.

Focusing on the negative sucks the joy out of life

Let me just say that this is a BIG lesson for me.  I’ve been a pretty negative person most of my life.  I’m always finding the mistakes.  I have a hard time seeing the good I’ve actually accomplished, because of what I haven’t accomplished.  I believe this comes from this unrealistic expectation of perfection.  As a result, I’ve found myself being hyper critical of myself and others, and at times–joyless.  I’ve seen the negative affects that it has on the people around me.  My negativity tears down the very people that I want to build up.  Instead of speaking life into my husband and children, my negativity sucks the life out of them, leaving them deflated.  This should not be!Continue Reading

Lessons I’ve learned from my Students Part I

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I currently work for a program called Brain Balance as a cognitive coach.  I work with kids and some young adults with a variety of learning, and behavioral challenges.  In the course of my time working with these struggling students, I’ve learned a lot.  Because my student’s challenges are so extreme, their challenges are quite obvious.  And because they are children, they don’t have the sophistication of adults who hide, excuse and mask their struggles.

As I’ve worked with my students, I’ve discovered some of my own flawed thinking about life. I’ve found myself thinking similar thoughts as theirs and making similar declarations.  It’s much easier to see someone else’s flaws than it is to see your own.  But the Holy Spirit is the perfect teacher and a revealer of truth.  He continues to teach me many lessons about life (and myself) through my students.

I’d like to share just a few of the lessons that I’ve learned from them, with the hopes that perhaps you will gain some insight as well.Continue Reading

A Day in Prison

I recently went to prison.

Did that get your attention?

I was among a team of people who spent a Saturday in the prisons in order to serve the inmates. I really didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I wanted to be an instrument of God’s love and grace to the women there. I knew the prison would be filled with broken, battered, messy women who are in desperate need of God’s love. (Btw, we all are. Some of us just hide it better than others.) And I was right. The facility that we visited housed female substance abuse offenders.

These offenders are beautiful women created in the image of God.
Women created for a wonderful purpose.
Gifted women who have beautiful gifts to share with this world.Continue Reading

Thoughts about Grace and Gratitude

Recently, I went for a walk/jog and talked to God. We talked about grace. We talked about gratitude.

He told me how much He really wants us to be thankful. He really wants us to acknowledge His presence in our lives. He wants us to be aware of the many, many, many….MANY ways that he pours grace into our lives. Many of them we completely take for granted. We expect the grace of a beating heart, clean air to breathe, food when we’re hungry, rest when we’re tired, blue sky above our heads, wind blowing across our cheeks, pleasant weather, the little toes on our feet, sound in our ears, clear thinking, cute clothes to cover our bodies, the ability to work and produce income….

What effort on our part brought these blessings?Continue Reading