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Our Tanzanian Adventure part 1

This summer my daughter and I spend a week in Tanzania equipping and honoring women.  It was a jammed packed week full of adventure!  We were there supporting our friends James and Didi Myers who are full-time missionaries there.  They were amazing hosts.  They made sure we fully experienced as much as we could the short time that we were there.  Find out more about their ministry at: http://1520unreached.com/Continue Reading

Handling the Ups and Downs of Life

Yesterday my family and I returned from a week long vacation in Colorado.  We had a wonderful time exploring the mountains, relaxing and spending lots of time together.  It’s been so refreshing and lots of fun.  It was a much needed break.

While we were enjoying our vacation, we received some devastating news.  One of our family members vanished while on vacation in the Carribean.  Her name is Amanda Waller.  Her husband and my husband are cousins.  She was snorkling with a group of people, and no one ever saw her come ashore.  After 3 days of searching by air and water, the active search was called off.

The authorities believes she drowned, but there is no evidence.

There are so many questions.Continue Reading

Imagined Trouble Doesn’t Get Imagined Grace

For some reason, my children love asking me hypothetical questions like, “Mom, what would you do if I took your phone and threw it on the floor?” Or “What would you do if I punched you in the face and ran out the door screaming?” My response is, “I don’t waste brain power on hypothetical situations.”  I have enough real problems that I need to ponder and pray over.  I don’t need to waste my energy on imagined problems.

Silly, right?

But how many of us, put ourselves  in hypothetical  scenarios without realizing it?  I’ve done it to my self ALOT.  I look at a situation that someone is in and think to myself, “I can’t imagine going through that.”  All the while, I’m trying to imagine how I would handle the situation.  And really… I can’t.  I believe that our imaginations were never meant to be used that way.  Our imaginations were given to us to create, not to “see” into the future or to project ourselves into someone else’s situation.Continue Reading