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As a homeschool coach, my goal is to provide resources and tools that help parents educate more effectively and confidently, to problem solve areas of concern, to assess their child's progress, and to inspire creativity and long term vision.

If you would like help educating your children in a way that fits your lifestyle, goals and values, please contact me. I believe I can help.

The Myth of the Perfect Mom

Lately, I’ve been encountering this idea of the perfect mom.  We all seem to be striving for it, and falling miserably short. Yet, we look at other moms and think, “Wow, she’s such a good mom.”  Of course, she seems perfect.

I think in this modern culture where we’re able to connect with so many people from around the world, and yet not really know them, it’s so easy to perpetuate the myth of the perfect mom.  We read a blog or facebook post about something one mom is doing something with their kids that we greatly admire, and we think, “perfect mom”.  I’m not doing that. I’m not perfect.  As a result, we feel guilty, inadequate, and maybe even resentful.Continue Reading

What a Little Boy Taught me about being a Mom

A little boy taught me how to be the mom God wants me to be.  One day this little boy went to hear a man named of Jesus.  In fact this little boy was one of several thousand people who went to hear Jesus.  And of the 5000+ people who went to hear him, he was the only one who gave his lunch to feed the crowd.

There were over 5000 people in the crowd.  Some speculate 20 to 25 thousand.  Either way, there were ALOT of people.  They were tired and hungry from a day of listening to Jesus.  They were in  a remote area, and there was no food to eat.

Except, the little boy’s lunch.Continue Reading

Our Homeschooling Journey–The Blessing of Community

canon  photos 231Our homeschooling journey has been filled with many amazing experiences and we’ve had the opportunity to meet some great friends and wonderful people along the way.  One of the turning points in our homeschooling journey began when we joined Classical Conversations.  We had just moved into a new home and I was finally recovering from two years of being ill.

I responded to an announcement posted about Classical Conversations on a yahoo group that I’m a part of.  After responding to the post, I began dialoguing with the state manager about becoming a tutor for the program.  She mentioned to me the possibility of directing.  It sounded interesting to me.

I had been following the classical model of educating for some time and Classical Conversations put together the program that I was trying to implement for my children.  I was excited to have a system already in place that I could implement for my children, while also gathering weekly with other families for support and friendship.Continue Reading

Our Homeschooling Journey– Journeying Through the Wilderness

When I decided to Homeschool, I had dreams and visions of wonderful times together with my children.  And over the past 16 years we’ve had lots of wonderful experiences together. I’ve cherished the time we’ve spent together and I wouldn’t change being with my children for any amount of  money, fame or accomplishments.  I can say that today, but there was a time when I thought about giving it all up. Continue Reading